Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Saul Cornell

Ed Killoran has an article here
about Saul Cornell's presentation in support of gun control at a church in Ohio:
Cornell's main premise of the Second Amendment allowing gun control was based on the phrase, “well-regulated.” The last question I asked was how he defined "well regulated" as used the Second Amendment. I had several sources indicating it meant something different 200 years ago (smooth running, like a clock) but that was nonsense to him. He emphasized REGULATION. He noticed my copy of Clayton Cramer’s book, Armed America, and promptly said, “Cramer’s never met a gun law he liked.”
Utterly false. I have long argued that laws that prohibit convicted felons and the mentally ill from having guns are both constitutional and probably provide some benefits to the society. This article, for example. And this one, where I chastise the Supreme Court for striking down the federal law that prohibits those convicted of felonies in foreign courts from possessing firearms. If Cornell is being accurately quoted, he is either insufficiently knowledgeable about my position, or he is lying.

UPDATE: Saul Cornell has contacted me, and now knows that this isn't an accurate statement of my position.

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