Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Transgendered Bathrooms Again

Everytime I hear a homosexual activist insist that they are just like straight people, except for who they love, I see a news story like this one:
BOULDER, Colo. -- A transgender task force wants to bring more "all-gendered" bathrooms to the University of Colorado-Boulder campus, the Boulder Daily Camera reported in its Monday editions.

"It's about creating more welcoming spaces," Bryce Abelson told the newspaper.

Abelson identified himself as "gender queer," a person who is neither male or female. He said he doesn't feel comfortable in the men's bathroom and gets strange looks when he walks in the women's bathroom.

Task force members believe the costs of changing current male and female bathrooms will be minimal because only the signs need to be changed on existing bathrooms. One bathroom already exists outside the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center.
Can you imagine the uproar if straight people started to complain that they didn't "feel comfortable" using the same bathrooms or locker rooms as homosexuals?

Is there anyone that thinks this "transgendered" garbage is anything but an indication of a pretty serious psychological problem?

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