Thursday, May 11, 2006

It Reads Like A Bad Novel

I mentioned a couple of years ago how a woman's unbelieveable accusations, many years ago, of Satanic child sexual abuse by a Catholic priest--were now suddenly more credible, as they arrested the priest for murder. Now, he has been convicted of that crime:
TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) - A priest accused of stabbing a Roman Catholic nun to death as she prepared for Easter services 26 years ago was found guilty Thursday of murder that prosecutors say was steeped in religious ritual.

Sister Margaret Ann Pahl was stabbed 31 times through an altar cloth, with the punctures forming an upside down cross. Her killer then anointed her with a smudge of her blood on the forehead to humiliate her in death, prosecutors said.

The Rev. Gerald Robinson, now 68, had been early suspect in the killing but wasn't charged until two years ago.
The significance of an upside cross should be obvious. On top of this lurid murder/suicide/molestation case involving another Catholic priest, it just makes my brain spin.

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