Wednesday, January 25, 2006

House Project: Almost Done

The phone was supposed to be hooked up by Frontier Telephone on Monday. Nope!

The phone jack in the family room, which had unaccountably been missed by the electrician, is in.

The jetted tub works great! Now I just need some clean filtered water.

The drain along the rear garage door is in; the ditch is excavated along the front garage door, but the drain isn't in yet.

Last night was clear--but when I rolled Big Bertha out, I soon remembered while I had been leaving it in the back yard. It takes a long time for the mirror to cool down to the outside temperature--especially when the garage is perhaps 45 degrees, and the air outside is 22 degrees.

Perhaps, once I get moved up there, Big Bertha will stay outside under a tarp.

Last house project entry.

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