Sunday, September 11, 2005

House Project: Electrical, Green Submarine, & Master Bathroom

I went up Saturday morning to confirm the positions and numbers of outlets, switches, telephone, television, and Ethernet cabling. (Yeah, there are a couple of items where I can't use wireless, so I am making sure that there are CAT-5 cables from my office to my son's bedroom.)

I had mentioned previously that the LP gas tank, which looks like a green submarine, was now in the ground. Here's a picture.

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If a device travels underground, is it a submarine or a subterrane? If you bail out of a subterrane, do you worry about land sharks?

Here's the trench from the tank to the house, where the LP gas line feeds the kitchen, the water heater, and the outdoor barbecue spigot. I'm not quite sure where the backup generator will get its connection yet.

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Here's the master bathroom--in case you ever wondered what a bathroom looks like before it is fully dressed.

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If it looks a bit crowded--yeah, we may be overreacting to our current master bathroom, which is just wasting space. You spend all of about 30 minutes a day in there, at best. It doesn't have to be spacious.

Here you can see the east end of the house, where the exterior outlets are going to go, and the east hose bib. Our current house has two hose bibs, both set in very useless locations, so I was a bit specific about number and location.

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The weather has definitely changed here. I put on a jacket for a walk last night. It was positively brisk up at the new house Saturday morning--a welcome change after this long hot summer.

Last house project entry.

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