Monday, November 17, 2003

Thanks For The Contributions

For those who are dropping the occasional small contributions into the tip jar (the button marked PayPal Donate on the left, a little below my picture)--thanks! It makes it a bit easier to talk myself into adding content here. The money is going to several good causes: I've made some contributions to the fund that is defending Missouri's new concealed weapon law, and I just used some of the money in the PayPal jar to buy a 4mm orthoscopic eyepiece over at ( is a place where amateur astronomers buy and sell used stuff--I was able to pick up an almost new University Optics 4mm orthoscopic for $50--new they cost $59.95.)

I have an irrational hankering for a Televue 102 apochromatic refractor, so I guess I better put up a lot of valuable content here.

In case you have ever wondered about PayPal--it is a secure method of making or receiving small payments or contributions online--as little as one dollar. You can link your PayPal account to a checking account, a savings account, or a credit card. Balances in your account earn a pretty decent money market balance. has a very similar scheme as well, and that used to bring in tens to hundreds of dollars a month for me, but I wasn't willing to have any financial ties to a company that sells books that promote child molestation.

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