Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I Sometimes Wonder If I Just Don't Enjoy Amateur Astronomy Enough

Especially when I see an ad like this one:
am selling my DarkStar 22" f/4.5 Dobsonian telescope. She sets up with absolutely no tools or ladders whatsoever in less than 15 minutes. (Although you will need a ladder for viewing at zenith, as she is 8 foot high at the eyepiece!) Unlike other big dobs, she nests together for just one easy trip from the truck to the field. She comes with high resolution digital setting circles and hardware (bring your own computer), 6' wheel barrel handles, 10" tires, black rip-stop shroud, and a Telrad finder. Pegasus primary and secondary. $6000 US dollars, if using paypal, add the customary 3%. Scope is located halfway between Detroit and Ann Arbor Michigan.

Before I get 100 emails asking, I have found a 30" dob, thus I must sell my baby to fund my further exploration of space.

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