Friday, November 6, 2009

Guess Who Was On Obama's Transition Team?

Guess Who Was On Obama's Transition Team?

Okay, not a very important part of it, but still interesting, none the less. World Net Daily found that Dr. Hasan was part of the THINKING ANEW—SECURITY PRIORITIES FOR THE NEXT ADMINISTRATION project. Go to page 29 of the document.

UPDATE: More accurately, he was one part of a team of academics promoting a new strategy for homeland security. It appears to be the usually progressive approaches (p. 4):
The President should:
• employ a strategy that amplifies voices within the Muslim world that seek to counter radicalization and recruitment, and that exercises care regarding the use of lexicon;
• foster respect for and adherence to international law in the form of longstanding, fundamental and widely accepted norms; and
• engage productively with international organizations and institutions to build security abroad

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