Wednesday, September 19, 2007

HilaryCare 2.0

Senator Clinton has unveiled her new universal health insurance plan--and I must say, it's progress from the disaster she tried to impose in 1993. Of course, there wasn't much direction but up from that.

Part of the improvement is that she won't require everyone to give up their current health insurance plan. The goal is to only cover the uninsured, by giving them the option of joining the current federal health plan for Congresscritters.

The downside is that it will require $110 billion in subsidies, supposedly by raising taxes on those who make more than $250,000 a year. (Somehow, I suspect that it will drop down into my bracket along the way, since these are Senator Clinton's big supporters.)

The other downside is that it will force every American to buy health insurance. I think health insurance is a good idea--but I have acquaintances who are so obscenely rich that they really don't need health insurance. There is literally nothing bad that can happen to them, for any length of time, that would make a significant dent in their wealth. (Of course, they vote Democrat.) Clinton wants to eventually make this requirement to show health insurance a condition of employment:
"At this point, we don't have anything punitive that we have proposed," the presidential candidate said in an interview with The Associated Press. "We're providing incentives and tax credits which we think will be very attractive to the vast majority of Americans."

She said she could envision a day when "you have to show proof to your employer that you're insured as a part of the job interview — like when your kid goes to school and has to show proof of vaccination," but said such details would be worked out through negotiations with Congress.
And the current requirement for proof of legal residency here works so well! Groan.

The leftist cheerleaders, like Joe Klein at Time, are already screaming when Drudge Report described this statement as "Health Insurance Proof Required for Work":
I know this is old news, but this guy is shameless. The headline, with a photo of a three-quarters crazed Hillary, is HEALTH INSURANCE PROOF REQUIRED FOR WORK
So Hilary says that the long-term goal is requiring proof of health insurance for work. And to point this out is misleading or dishonest? In what way?

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