Thursday, January 25, 2007

M-O-O-N: That Spells Moon

If you read Stephen King's The Stand, you know what I'm talking about! The rest of you just need to read it!

I took these with my Pentax K10D, and an 18mm Orthoscopic eyepiece projection setup, used the HP Photosmart Premiere program to do some very basic adjustments for sharpness, sometimes for brightness and contrast, and then cut them down to a size that wouldn't take forever to download. I still haven't quite reached the sharpness that I want, but better than last night, when the quivering atmosphere made focus for more hundredths of a second darn near impossible. Click on each link to see the picture.

1/45th second, ASA 1600

1/60th, ASA 1600

1/90th, ASA 1600

1/90th, ASA 400

1/45th, ASA 400

1/20th, ASA 400

1/10th, ASA 400

1/10th, ASA 100

1/6th, ASA 100

1/3 sec., ASA 100

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