Friday, December 30, 2005

That Backup Generator I Had Installed...

We went up there this morning with my daughter and son-in-law--and the garage door opener didn't work. Then we went in the front door--and there was no power. Then we went to the meter--and it was completely blank. Idaho Power, it seems, has lost power to hundreds of homes in the Horseshoe Bend area because of weather--and five hours later, the power was still out. My wife no longer thinks that I was being paranoid specifying a backup generator for the house.

So why didn't the backup generator start up automatically? That's what it is supposed to do, within 30 seconds of losing grid power. The electrician was supposed to get back up to the house after the heating guy hooked up the LP gas line to the backup generator to verify that it actually works. Apparently that didn't happen. So now I have a house with no heat, no electricity--and without the pressurization pump running, no water.

I am not a particularly happy person at the moment. At least I am not trying to live in the house.

Last house project entry.

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