Monday, October 31, 2005

One Of Those Weird Experiences...

I sell a wheel set for Losmandy telescope mounts. I received an email from someone asking if I could sell him not just the wheel set for a Losmandy G-11, but perhaps a G-11 tripod as well. (You know, on the assumption that I must have one or two G-11 tripods lying around my enormous factory.)

I explained that the G-11 tripod I have is used for quality assurance, so I couldn't sell it, but that I was sure that he could find a used G-11 tripod without too much trouble, and I would be happy to sell him a wheel set for it.

The next email tells me, no problem, he found someone with a G-11 tripod with my wheel set already installed, and he bought that! I didn't realize that I had sold so many that the secondary market had become functional. (I really haven't sold that many wheel sets--but enough that I can't even begin to imagine which customer this might have been.)

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