Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tubs: The House Project

The original bathroom design was compact (7'10" x 9'3"), with room for a 36" x 36" shower stall, a standard 60" x 32" tub, a toilet, and a two sink vanity. Our current bathroom is so large that it seems wasteful of space, so we decided to go a little smaller. We had ambitions for a jetted tub--but a standard size jetted tub isn't much bigger than the standard tub.

Of course, sitting in the back of my mind was a jetted tub for two, like the one that the Ashley Inn in Cascade, Idaho has, where my wife and I went for our 24th wedding anniversary. (Very nice place.) But then again, the jetted tub for two would doubtless be a lot more expensive than a jetted tub for one, so we figured that with the money we saved by getting the tub for one, we could afford to go visit the Ashley Inn a couple of times a year.

So we go to Best Bath in Boise yesterday to start pick out one-piece fiberglass tubs and showers. My contractor says that they are a bit more expensive than the stuff at Lowe's or Home Depot, but much higher quality. It turns out that because their showers are designed to be easily retrofittable with assist handles for the elderly and disabled, they are pretty solid pieces of fiberglass, with a very solid wood backing.

Well, the jetted tubs for two are only a couple hundred dollars more than the jetted tubs for one, so cost was no longer the issue. The problem was space. The tub that I had my eye was about $1900, but it takes up 72" x 54". As hard as I tried, I couldn't fit this monstrous tub into the bathroom and still have room for the shower, the toilet, and twin vanities. Even the 72" x 42" jetted tub for two (about $300 more expensive, even though smaller) was going to be tight--so we are moving the wall out of a foot, taking a little room from what is still a very large master bedroom, and turning this into an 8'10" x 9'3" bathroom.

Helpful hints: the original design had the dual vanities against the outside wall to take advantage of the spectacular view. But where do you put the mirrors? So now the jetted tub for two is against the outside wall, diagonal across from the 36" x 36" shower stall, and the vanities are now an "L" shaped affair.

Last house project entry.

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