Sunday, April 18, 2004

Americans Are Still Making Telescope Stuff!

I've mentioned that I bought a Losmandy GM-8 mount a while back, used, and I am as pleased as I can be with it. It's a beautiful piece of equipment, well made, and made in California.

I mentioned that I needed some rings to mount my 8" reflector on the Losmandy mount. I ordered them from Ken's Rings and Things, and yes, Ken makes them in Louisiana. I ordered this set about a week ago, and they arrived on Saturday. Of course, the weather has been awful, so the reflector is sitting in the rings, on the Losmandy mount, tapping its fingernails on the table, waiting for good weather.

Finally, I have been looking for a wide angle 2" eyepiece for my refractor--something that lets me get at least two degrees on sky, for the diffuse objects such as the Andromeda Galaxy. I found a very attractively priced 85mm eyepiece--one that should get me close to three degrees of sky, offered by Russell Optics. To my surprise, Russell Optics in Arizona is not an importer, but makes the eyepieces themselves. I expect to have it this week, and should be able to report on the results.

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