Thursday, September 12, 2002

This Is Far More Troubling... is inclined to disbelieve the story but wants to know more. What's the story? It claims that at least some Muslims in the New York City area knew in advance about the attack on the WTC. The story originally appeared in October of 2001, in the Journal-News of Westchester, N.Y. It has also been carried in somewhat different form by MSNBC last year.

So who is the reporter who broke the story? He worked for the Globe (hardly an impressive claim), but seems to have showed contrition for that. A search using Google showed quite a number of plausible sounding news stories by him in various respectable publications.

I can see why the mainstream media are doing their best to keep this under wraps. If, indeed, there was advance knowledge of the attack in the New York City Muslim community, then something like treason is involved. If this is all a big misunderstanding, then this better get resolved as well. Of course, our government may be keeping it quiet to avoid creating a monolithic Islamic coalition against the United States, as might well happen if we reacted to this along the lines of the Japanese internment of World War II. (The difference being that Japanese-Americans and Japanese citizens in the continental U.S. didn't do anything like what is alleged by these articles.)

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