Sunday, July 25, 2010

Starve The Beast!

No Lawyers--Only Guns and Money has a list of all the newspapers owned by the Stephens Group, who own the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and who are apparently going to be the next set of newspapers going after bloggers who screw up and copy too much (or some cases, only link to an article).

Make sure your friends and favorite bloggers know that these are people that need no traffic.


  1. Oh, that Stephens; when you referred to Obama and crony capitalists you had perhaps forgotten the major roles they have played in Arkansas' and Clinton's political lives. E.g. the critical loan their bank made to the latter's campaign one week after the Gennifer Flowers "bimbo eruption". A bit more searching will turn up all sorts of unsavory allegations about their dealings in Arkansas which fit in well with you might call "The Arkansas Way".

    (Which makes the genuine Chicago Way look gentle and civilized or e.g. look up Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's sensing that Arkansas felt like no other place he'd visited except for ... Sicily.)

    They and RightHaven were made for each other and we can expect this relationship to continue unless and until there's too much blowback for the Stevens clan or RightHaven is forced out of business or worse.

    Hard to say about the newspapers themselves; whatever small damage this does to their on-line presence and profits (which I assume are almost entirely local) could easily be outweighed by the money RightHaven may bring in (on the one hand, those being sued are likely to be more wealthy than the RIAA's targets, on the other the pushback is for a bunch of reasons going to be a lot more fierce, especially since the law and morals are much less on RightHaven's side).

    I didn't know about the "suing for just linking to them" and couldn't find anything about that in a quick albeit nearly impossible search. Could you point to a specific example?

  2. One of the Las Vegas Sun articles mentioned the suing for just linking to them. Don't know if that is accurate or not.