Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any More Seamy...

More stuff drains out of the the Archdiocese of Boston cesspool. This story describes contents of the personnel files, including cocaine use by priests, apparently as part of a swap for sex with a 15 year old, and this:
The files included those for the Rev. Robert Meffan, who allegedly recruited girls in the late 1960s to become nuns and then sexually abused them while assigned in Weymouth, Mass., according to 1993 letters from Sister Catherine Mulkerrin to her boss, the Rev. John McCormack, who was a top aide to Law and is currently the bishop in Manchester, N.H.

Meffan allegedly would tell the girls to perform sexual acts as a way of progressing with their religious studies. He also allegedly participated in sexual acts with four girls at the same time in a Cape Cod rental, one of the girls told Mulkerrin, according to a 1993 memo.

"They were all young girls planning to be nuns," said attorney Roderick MacLeish Jr., who represents 247 plaintiffs among dozens of lawsuits against the archdiocese.
According to the plaintiff's attorneys, Cardinal Law was still transferring "problem priests" to deal with accusations until very recently.

It is becoming apparent that the problems were not just a few very corrupt priests, but a hierarchy that did its best to cover up sexual abuse. Even worse, this isn't an obscure problem of which the Pope was unaware. At this point, the problems have been festering for so long, and the Archdiocese of Boston has been working so hard and so long to protect itself, that the Pope can't claim to not know that there was something terribly wrong.

The Catholic Church's moral authority is gone.

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