Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Senior Java Developer In Need Of A Job?

Senior Java Developer In Need Of A Job?

Where I work is hiring. Okay, the pay isn't spectacular, but it's better than being out of work, the benefits are good, the working environment is only a bit inferior to a big private sector operation, the retirement plan is quite good, and my co-workers are very nice. There is a background check, and a drug test, but my guess is that most of my readers won't have a problem passing either.

UPDATE: I suppose this is a positive sign for the economy--my employer has been advertising this position for some time, and can't find any experienced Java developers. The nice thing is, you can be pretty sure that the State of Idaho isn't going out of business, no matter what foolishness happens in D.C., and the state's prison system is about as core of a state function as I can imagine.

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